• STEP 3: Recommended Tools

    Here are some great tips from our professional installers.

    Using the right tools will help ensure and quick, easy, professional installation.

    Some steps are specific to John Deere or other models, but will also apply to all kinds of tractors.


    Should You Remove Your Tractor Seat?


    At this point, you will need to decide if you are going to remove your tractor seat.

    If so, this could require other tools not mentioned in this list.

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    1. For removing the old glued-in foam you will need:


    • 1st choice is a wire brush on a drill makes the least amount of mess and is the easiest to control
    • 2nd choice is a wire brush on a side grinder
    • 3rd choice is a hand wire brush


    2. A No.3 Philips head impact driver for removing window latch screws on JD 30/40/50/55’s

    3. A No. 2 Philips head screwdriver for removing bezels, ashtrays and trim pieces

    4. 3/8” open end wrench for loosening trim next to windows so that you can take out the headliner (for JD 30/40/50/55’s) and in some odd cases this may be a Philips head screw which is difficult to get out

    5. Shop Vac for cleaning up

    6. Pliers for removing fasteners holding in Front headliners and Air Filter Doors (in JD 30/40/50/55’s)

    7. Ratchet (1/2” or 9/16” socket depending on model) for removing cowl (in JD 30/40/50/55’s)

    8. ½” and 5/8” open end wrench for removing and replacing latch bolt on lower right hand door (on JD 30/40/50/55’s) or for removing four seat bolts (leave the suspension in place) on the IH 86/88

    9. Drill, 1/8” and ¼” drill bit for putting holes in trim panels/scuff guard

    10. A “Tucking tool” is handy to have for pushing the upholstery underneath trim, bezels and around ashtrays. This tool should be approximately ½” -¾” wide, 8” long and ¼” thick with a rounded end. DO NOT recommend a straight screwdriver as it can snag or tear upholstery. Make sure not to use something with sharp edges.

    We ship our own “tucking tool” with every kit purchased at TractorInteriors.com


    Once you have the right tools, it is time to remove the old upholstery and clean out your cab interior.